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How Do I Find The Best DUI Defense Lawyers? Questions To Ask DUI Attorneys

Speaking From Experience

Frederick Slone has successfully defended DUI cases in the state of Alaska for over 30 years. At Kasmar & Slone, you're assured of being represented by a lawyer who understands drunk driving laws, what it takes to build a solid successful defense, and one who will guide you through this ordeal.

Since drunk driving laws in the Alaska are complex and the consequences of conviction have become severe Misdemeanor convictions or Felony convictions, finding a lawyer who is experienced in handling these types of cases should be your top priority.

Finding Your Dui Lawyer

Attorney Referrals

The best way to find an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer is by reputation. Ask other lawyers in the area for recommendations as to the best DUI attorneys. Ask them who THEY would hire if arrested for a drunk driving offense.

If possible, determine whether the lawyer has a reputation of aggressively defending against drunk driving charges.

National College For Dui Defense

Another excellent source for finding an experienced and competent drunk driving defense attorney is the National College For DUI Defense (, a non-profit legal organization committed to the education and training of DUI defense lawyers. The College admits DUI attorneys selectively.

Attorneys Committed To Dui Defense -vs- Dabblers

As drunk driving cases can be very complex, you should look for an attorney who devotes the majority of his or her practice to the defense of DUI cases.

Trust Is Paramount

Above all, you must have a sense of comfort and confidence about your case after meeting with an attorney. If you don't trust the attorney, you should look further.

Do you feel that the attorney listens to you as you are talking, appears genuinely interested in your case, and will have the time to devote his or her attention to your case? If not, you may wish to look elsewhere.

retainers, attorney fees

Make sure that the financial arrangement is clearly defined and in writing.

Questions To Ask Prospective Dui Defense Attorneys

How Long Have You Been Practicing Drunk Driving Defense?

DUI cases are among the most complex in our criminal justice system. Developing expertise in this area involves extensive knowledge in the fields of constitutional law and criminal procedure, physiology of alcohol in the body, chemical testing of breath and blood, field sobriety testing, and trial skills. This expertise cannot be developed without significant experience.

How much of your practice is devoted to defending DUI/DWI cases?

As DUI/DWI laws are constantly evolving, your attorney must be aware of arguments that will work today. Your lawyer should be on the cutting edge of the law in this field. It is not possible for most attorneys to remain up-to-date on very many fields of the law.

Are you a member of the National College Of DUI Defense?

The National College For DUI Defense is a non-profit legal organization dedicated to providing information on drunk driving litigation and the improvement of defense attorneys in defending these cases. Its mission is to provide advanced legal training to DUI/DWI defense attorneys. The College, limited in size, is presented each year at Harvard Law School, along with a winter seminar at a different location each year.

What other organizations do you belong to?

The National Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) is an organization dedicated to supporting criminal defense lawyers in advocating the rights of their clients, including citizens accused of drunk driving. Membership indicates a commitment to the principles necessary for strong criminal defense advocacy and the fundamental rights of the citizen accused in our criminal justice system. On a statewide basis, the Alaska Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers involves a similar commitment to criminal law practitioners.

Have you ever been invited to speak at seminars on DWI defense to other lawyers?

The best trial lawyers are often invited to participate on the faculty of drunk driving legal seminars for other attorneys. Faculty members are generally recognized as leaders in the profession.

Are you familiar with the Intoximeter 3000 and DataMaster CDM breath machines used in Alaska?

Almost all DUI/DWI cases involve the law and science related to breath testing. The lawyer's understanding of the technology and physiology involved in breath alcohol testing is critical to successfully defending DUI/DWI cases.

How familiar are you with the Alaska Breath Alcohol Testing Manual?

At a minimum, your lawyer should own and be familiar with a copy of the Alaska Breath Alcohol Testing Manual. Also, you may ask your lawyer to show you his or her library of DUI/DWI defense materials, and scientific articles related to blood and breath alcohol testing. The best DUI/DWI attorneys have an extensive library in these areas and continue to keep themselves up-to-date in order to be at the cutting edge of the law and the science.

Have you received training in the proper administration of standardized field sobriety tests?

Almost all DUI/DWI cases include the administration of field sobriety tests. Some of these tests have been subjected to "scientific" study approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), part of the Federal Department Of Transportation. Many of the best DUI attorneys in the country have themselves received training in the proper administration of these tests, as certified by NHTSA. These attorneys know whether the police properly administered, and evaluated these tests in your case.

Do you stay current in your training as a DUI/DWI attorney?

Many of the best DUI attorneys in the country stay current in trial skills related to the defense of DUI/DWI cases by attending national training seminars. The instructors in these seminars are recognized as some of the best DUI/DWI defense attorneys in the country. Attendance at these national seminars allow defense attorneys to remain on the cutting edge of the law and science related to DUI/DWI cases, and facilitates sharing of information with other committed defense attorneys across the country.

What will it cost to hire a good lawyer?

Every case is different and attorneys fees vary, usually depending on the reputation and experience of the lawyer and the geographic location involved. As with most professions, the more skilled and well known the attorney, the higher the fee. DO NOT hire an attorney unless and until you have a clear understanding of all of your financial obligations, and that the agreement is in writing.

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