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Attorney Fred Slone

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About Attorney Fred Slone

Frederick Slone
Kasmar and Slone, P. C.
3003 Minnesota   Drive, Suite 301
Anchorage, Alaska
Phone: (907) 272-4471
Fax: (907)   272-4474

Located in Anchorage, Alaska, Attorney Slone represents people against drunk driving (and DUI-OUI related) charges across the state of Alaska, and has frequently appeared in the courts in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai, Unalaska, Barrow, Dillingham, Seward, Homer, Glennallen and Palmer, Alaska.

Experience matters in DUI cases

Drunk driving charges are criminal charges. If convicted, Alaska law requires minimum mandatory sentencing. Your freedom is at stake.

Attorney Fred Slone will mount the most aggressive defense possible to protect your freedom and property. His experience has been gained over more than 30 years of defending people accused of drunk driving.


Attorney Fred Slone will keep you informed of your case, and the progress of your defense every step of the way.

All communications between you and Attorney Slone during the initial consultation and throughout your case are privileged. However, communications from the Internet are not confidential as they pass over several servers and can be interrupted.

Retaining Representation Of A Lawyer

Remember, you are not represented by an attorney until such time that you hire an attorney and an attorney agrees to represent you. That process is referred to as "retaining an attorney" and you have a right to have your attorney present during all questioning.

Initial Consultation

If you have been arrested for drunk driving or a related charge, please contact the law offices of Attorney Fred Slone (907-272-4471) to speak with him. Attorney Slone will provide you with a free initial consultation regarding your case so that you can explain the events leading up to your arrest, your arrest, sobriety tests that were conducted and your test results. He will be able to give you a general idea of how he will handle the initial stages of the case, an approximation of the time frame you might expect, and information about the retainer required to retain his firm to defend you both before trial and if the matter goes to trial.

Talk to an Attorney today

Time is of the essence in drunk driving cases. By waiting, you may lose your driver's license, and either lose or severely risk losing opportunities to defend your case. To speak with an attorney today, please call Attorney Fred Slone at (907) 272-4471.

Call us today at (907) 272-4471 to speak with Attorney Slone.

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