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Attorney Fred Slone

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Seward, Alaska DUI Cases

General Information

DUI cases in Seward originate with arrests by either Alaska State Troopers, or Seward Police Department officers.  The District Attorney's office in Kenai routinely prosecutes DUI cases in Seward, Alaska.

There is a magistrate in Seward, but if a felony is charged, and the accused requests a Superior Court Judge, usually a judge from Kenai would be assigned the case.

Contact Information

Clerk of Court
Elaine Bulitz
Box 1929
Seward, Alaska 99664
Phone: 907-224-3075
Fax: 907-224-7192

DUI Defense in Seward, Alaska

Fred Slone has successfully handled many Seward, Alaska DUI cases over the last 30 years. These cases have included trials, as well as motions to suppress, or throw out evidence, and motions to dismiss charges. Contact Fred Slone at 907-272-4471 if you have a DUI case, or related criminal charges, in Seward, Alaska.

For those accused of crimes who cannot afford to pay for private counsel, the Alaska Public Defender Agency, Kenai Office, handles Seward cases in which the court has appointed public counsel to represent the accused. The Kenai Public Defender Agency phone number is 907-283-3129.

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