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Attorney Fred Slone

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Dutch Harbor - Unalaska DUI Cases

General Information

DUI cases filed in Unalaska, Alaska typically arise from arrests in Dutch Harbor or Unalaska.

There is a magistrate in Unalaska who can preside over cases here, but if a judge is requested a District Court or Superior Court judge from another Alaska location would be assigned.

Contact Information

Clerk of Court

Lori Lane Box 245 Unalaska, Alaska 99685

Phone: 907-581-1266

Fax: 907-581-2809

DUI Defense in Unalaska, Alaska

Fred Slone has handled numerous DUI and related cases in Dutch Harbor - Unalaska.  Several of these cases involved motions to suppress or exclude evidence based on violation of clients' statutory and constitutional rights during the police investigation.  Contact Fred Slone, at 907-272-4471 if you have been charged with DUI or related charges in the Dutch Harbor - Unalaska area.

If the court determines that you cannot afford your own counsel, the Public Defender Agency in Anchorage, Alaska, may be assigned to represent you.

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