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Warning! No Expungement - Driver's License Automatically Revoked by DMV

Driver's License Revoked In 7 Days

You have seven (7) days from the date of your arrest to request an administrative review hearing with the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicle to save your driver's license after a drunk driving arrest if you refuse to submit to a breath test or allegedly fail a breath test.

Revocation Review Hearing

The Alaska Division Of Motor Vehicles, under the Department Of Administration, imposes a revocation of driving privileges as an administrative penalty for any driver who (after being lawfully arrested for DWI) refuses to take a breath test or who takes a breath test with a result of .08 or greater. The only way to possibly avoid this administrative revocation is to contest the revocation by requesting an Administrative Review/Hearing within seven (7) days of your arrest.

Driver's Licenses Revoked Even If DUI Dismissed

The revocation of a driver's license, or privilege to drive in this state (for citizens of other states arrested in Alaska) is imposed in an administrative proceeding outside of the criminal case. It is possible to have one's driving privileges revoked in an administrative proceeding even though the criminal charge of DWI or refusal is dismissed.

Period Of Revocation

The period of the revocation varies depending on whether the driver has any DWI convictions in Alaska, or any other state. If the driver has no prior convictions for DWI or refusal, the revocation period is 90 days. There may be a possibility of obtaining a limited license for work purposes only during the last 60 days of this 90 day period if the revocation is for a breath test result of .08 or greater, but not for refusal.

Revocation With One Prior DUI

If the driver has 1 prior DWI or refusal conviction, the revocation period is 1 year, with no opportunity for a limited work permit.

Revocation With Two Prior DUI

If the driver has 2 prior convictions, the period of the revocation is for 3 years, with no opportunity for a limited work permit.

Revocation With Three Prior DUI

If the driver has 3 or more DWI convictions, the revocation period is 5 years, with no opportunity for a limited work permit.

After Revocation

If your license is revoked by the DMV, you will need to pay a fee to the DMV, and take any additional testing they require in order to get your driving privileges reinstated. You will also be required to show proof of insurance for a period of 3 years after the revocation period ends. This usually involves increased insurance premiums.

Contest Revocation Of Your Driver's License

For information about contesting the revocation of your driver's license, please refer to Administrative Hearing with the Division of Motor Vehicles.

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Time is of the essence in drunk driving cases. By waiting, you may lose your driver's license, and either lose or severely risk losing opportunities to defend your case. To speak with an attorney today, please call Fred Slone at (907) 272-4471.

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