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Third Drunk Driving Charge Dismissed

evidence suppressed! third dui dismissed!

Summary:  Third drunk driving offense dismissed; Attorney Fred Slone won motion to suppress evidence.

This was the third DWI case in which Attorney Frederick Slone represented L. C. The first case   resulted in a not guilty verdict at trial. The second case, three years earlier,   also resulted in a not guilty verdict at trial.

anchorage vs. l. c., district court, palmer, alaska

informant says driver drunk & child in the car

In this case, a trooper was dispatched to the scene of a single vehicle accident   near Mile 80 of the Glenn Highway. The complainant advised dispatch that the   driver of a vehicle was drunk and that the driver would not let anyone check on   the child that was in the vehicle to see if the child was injured. As the   trooper neared the scene, dispatch advised him that an older Volkswagen van had   been seen stopped at the accident scene and left the area.

moose causes accident

As the   officer neared the scene of the accident, he saw a Volkswagen van leaving the   area. The officer stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver to see if anyone   had witnessed the accident. The driver, L. c.'s girlfriend, told the police that   she had been the one involved in the accident, and that L. c., and their two   children, had been coming back to Anchorage after Caribou hunting. She told the   officer that she was driving a Ford pickup that was involved in the accident and   that L. c. had been driving the Volkswagen van. She had swerved to avoid a moose   in the road and went into the ditch in the pickup.

police determine driver was drunk

At the time the   officer stopped the van, L. c. was in the back of the van. The officer   interviewed him and he appeared intoxicated. L. c. was given the standard field   sobriety tests, which he allegedly failed. He was arrested for DWI and taken to   a trooper station where a breath test was administered with a .160 result.

bartender says driver was not drinking

L. c. and his girlfriend advised the police that they had stopped at a   nearby lodge after L. c.'s girlfriend hit the ditch and L. c. had drank some   alcohol. After the arrest, a trooper went to the lodge and questioned the owners   of the lodge, who indicated neither of the individuals had anything to drink   there.

slone seeks to suppress breath test evidence

Attorney Fred  Slone filed pretrial motions to suppress the breath test   evidence on the grounds that the police denied L. c.'s request at the station to   call his mother. State law requires that police honor an arrestee's request to   contact a friend or relative before deciding whether to submit to a breath test.   Attorney Slone also filed a pretrial motion to suppress all evidence obtained after   the stop and dismiss the case on the grounds that the initial stop of the   Volkswagen van was in violation of L. c.'s constitutional rights.

prosecuting attorney agrees to dismiss

After   the District Attorney reviewed Attorney Slone's motions, she agreed to dismiss the   DWI charge and L. c. agreed to plead no contest to the reduced charge of reckless   driving. L. c. was not required to serve any jail time or pay any fine, but was   ordered to complete some community work service.

Attorney Slone had also   earlier successfully represented L. c. in the Administrative Revocation Hearing.   The administrative revocation action was dismissed and L. c.'s license   reinstated.

Attorney Fred Slone's representation resulted in L. C. avoiding a substantial period of   jail time and fine despite the fact that he had prior DWI convictions.

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