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Successful Drunk Driving Defense

Attorney Fred Slone is widely-regarded as Alaska's premier drunk driving defense lawyer. For more than 25 years, Attorney Slone has defended the rights of people who have been arrested and charged with DUI or OUI and drunk driving related offenses in the state of Alaska. He is known for his brilliant legal strategies to make Alaska's drunk driving laws work for his clients, and trusted by executives, professionals and laborers. A handful of the types of cases that Attorney Slone has handled during the administrative hearing, taken to trial and plea bargained are summarized below. You can click on those summaries to read more details about the case.

State of Alaska vs. K. H., District Court Anchorage: Airline pilot with .133 breath test and .132 blood test acquitted after 3 year long fight

Anchorage vs. L. C., District Court Anchorage, Alaska: Necessity defense results in acquittal for client passed out behind the wheel with .152 breath test

Anchorage vs. L. C., District Court, Anchorage, Alaska: Mechanic with .201 acquitted at trial based on mistaken identity

Anchorage vs. L. C., District Court, palmer, Alaska: Third offense DUI reduced after motions to suppress filed

Anchorage vs. M. M., District Court, Anchorage, Alaska: Airline president with .141 breath test acquitted at trial

state of Alaska vs. L. H., District Court palmer, Alaska: Woman with .138 breath test acquitted - Attorney Slone proved she was not intoxicated and not impaired

Anchorage vs. B. R., District Court Anchorage, Alaska: Illegal entry by police into garage results in dismissal of DUI, Refusal, and Driving While Revoked

Anchorage vs. A. D., District Court, Anchorage Alaska: Jury acquits driver with .100 breath test seen driving over curb

state of Alaska vs. J. P., District Court: Army enlisted man in motorcycle accident with .121 breath test found “not guilty”

state of Alaska vs. K. M., District Court, Anchorage: Gentleman who falls asleep and drives off road with .180 breath test & possession of marijuana acquitted at trial

state of Alaska vs. B. B., District Court, Whittier: Poor police work results in dismissal of DUI while boating, eluding and refusal of breath test

Alaska vs. P. M., District Court, palmer: Man with dentures and .136 breath test acquitted at trial

Alaska vs. C. R., District Court, UnAlaska: Police failure to preserve recordings results in dismissal of DUI and refusal in UnAlaska

State of Alaska, District Court, Kenai, Alaska: .192 DUI dismissed after shown client used Primatine Mist before breath test; police illegally enter property without a warrant

State of Alaska District Court, Fairbanks, Alaska vs. E. V.: Dismissed Fairbanks DUI with .169 breath test on machine not certified for use in Alaska

Anchorage vs. R. M.: DUI and reckless driving dismissed when police enter home without warrant

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